Top-Rated Drug Addiction Treatment Center for Teens in the Georgia Area

Eagle Overlook Recovery for Adolescents is the top-rated choice in the Georgia area for drug addiction and mental health treatments for teens. We treat both male and female individuals who are aged 13 to 18.

Our certified and licensed staff provides caring and compassionate care for all of our patients. We offer psychiatric and medical care, individual and group counseling, peer support, psycho-education, and a range of outdoor activities to get our patients on the road to recovery. 

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Clinical Psychiatric Care for Teens

Eagle Overlook Recovery for Adolescents Puts Education as a Priority

Drug addiction treatment for youth is vital for those suffering from addiction problems. Continuing their education through their recovery journey is just as important. Our staff ensures that our patients stay up to date on their education during their time at our facility. We have designated time for schoolwork built into our daily schedules. We also provide a tutor during the week for two hours each day to assist our patients with their assignments. They’ll provide parents with updates regarding their child’s education to make sure they stay on track.

Why Eagle Overlook Recovery is the Best Drug Rehab Center for Teens

Eagle Overlook Recovery is a top drug rehab center for teens in Georgia. Our addiction treatment plans are specifically designed for teens. The secluded and peaceful setting and environment promote long-term recovery for young adults. Patients are able to connect with others as they learn how to make healthier living choices. They learn to become harmonious within their bodies, minds, and spirits.

One of the pillars of Eagle Overlook Recovery is fostering the growth of our patients. We seek to highlight their strengths by identifying their interests and passions. We help young adults learn how to expect, anticipate, accept, and cope with any feeling they may experience. Our strategies are designed to address the unique needs of teens, giving them coping mechanisms they can use for the rest of their lives.

Signs of Teen Drug Addiction

Knowing the signs of addiction is important when determining if your child needs to go to drug rehab. Below are some signs of teen drug addiction:

  • Replacing old friends with a new group
  • Mood swings
  • Changes in appearance or behavior
  • Losing interest in activities and sports they previously enjoyed
  • Breaking the rules
  • Sleeping more
  • Exhibiting new physical changes like frequent nosebleeds, watery or bloody eyes, sudden weight loss, and tremors or shakes

These signs could be a result of your child misusing medications, drinking alcohol, or using drugs. Knowing what the signs and symptoms of drug abuse in teens are ahead of time will help you decide when it’s time to involve a professional.

Evidence-Based Therapy for Teens

Our goal is to provide the space for our adolescent clients to begin to heal from addiction: mentally, spiritually, and physically. We equip our clients with the necessary coping skills to handle the emotional ups and downs that accompany daily life, even when treatment is over.

We walk with our clients through the process of self-actualization by identifying their strengths, likes, dislikes, and opportunities for improvement. Our philosophy is to build resilience and ignite passions, and to help foster a life filled with purpose and exuberance.

Accredited by the Joint Commission


The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit, standards setting organization that certifies and accredits health care organizations to ensure that high levels of patient safety and care are being met. It is the largest and longest standing health care accrediting body in the nation.

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Before being permitted to promote their services online, drug rehab centers must be approved by LegitScript, a trusted third-party verification service that ensures treatment centers are operating within legal and safety requirements.

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Give Eagle Overlook Recovery for Adolescents a call today. Our treatment plans can last up to 90 days depending upon what the patient’s needs are. Our drug rehab center for teens is located in a tranquil environment in Dahlonega, Georgia. We’re here to help our patients get on the road to recovery and learn how to make healthy choices for the rest of their life.

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