Our Mission

At Eagle Overlook Recovery for Adolescents, we are dedicated to providing our clients and their families with the highest quality of medical and therapeutic care in a peaceful and secluded natural environment that promotes long-term recovery, connection with others, healthy living choices, and harmony within the mind, body, and spirit of our clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe in fostering the growth of our clients by highlighting their strengths, identifying their passions and interests, and developing a strong connection between their mind, body, and spirit.

We believe in the importance of understanding and combating the effects of substance abuse on our minds, our physical bodies, and our spirituality.

We help our clients expect, anticipate, accept and cope with all feelings on the spectrum, ranging from joy to pain.

We encourage the clients to explore their own spirituality and mind-body-spirit connectivity, and we believe spirituality is one of the best tools to help cope with life’s unpredictability and provides an antidote to addiction.

We promote learning a spirit of endurance, perseverance, and patience to help our clients find long-term recovery and develop resilience.

Our Promise

Our team promises to provide respectful, age-appropriate and specialized treatment addressing the unique needs of adolescents. We treat clients and their families with respect, listen to their needs, and actively work as a team to ensure the highest quality of comprehensive care.  We provide a safe, healing environment for adolescents and their families that have been affected by substance use disorders.

Our Services

Eagle Overlook Recovery for Adolescents provides addiction treatment for teens as well as treatment for other mental health concerns. As a state-licensed and accredited residential treatment program, Eagle Overlook provides medical and psychiatric care, group and individual counseling, psycho-education, peer support, and a range of outdoor activities. Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, the total course of addiction treatment for teens at Eagle Overlook lasts up to 90 days, based upon individual needs