Dr. Kambiz Aflatoon is the founder, medical director, and CEO of Eagle Overlook Recovery for Adolescents.

Kambiz Aflatoon an Addiction Psychiatry Specialist

About Dr. Kambiz Aflatoon

Dr. Kambiz Aflatoon, DO, MBA is the founder, medical director, and CEO of Eagle Overlook Recovery for Adolescents. Dr. Aflatoon is also an independently practicing psychiatrist in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. He also currently serves as medical director for MARR Addiction Treatment Centers. Dr. Aflatoon has also served as medical director at both SummitRidge Hospital and Ridgeview Institute.

Dr. Aflatoon is board certified in general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. He received his medical degree at Des Moines University and completed a fellowship at Emory University in 2012 in addiction psychiatry. He has published peer-reviewed research on personality traits and addictive behaviors.

A Letter from Dr. Aflatoon

My name is Dr. Kambiz Aflatoon. As a doctor and a psychiatrist, I am passionate about seeing my patients restored to living full, connected, and meaningful lives.

I founded Eagle Overlook Recovery because I saw firsthand how addiction and other mental health disorders significantly affected the lives of my adolescent patients and their families.

I knew that if we could provide the opportunity for these young people to receive proper medical attention and addiction counseling in a safe, natural environment, away from distractions, they would have a much better chance at finding recovery than they would staying in their established routine. Our facility provides teens with the necessary elements to find a much-needed physical, mental, and spiritual balance. This enables them to reconnect with themselves again and make connections with others.

Some of the most compassionate, resilient, and dynamic people I have ever met are people who are in long-term recovery from substance abuse. For this reason, recognizing that your child has a substance abuse problem is not bad news. With the right help, addressing addiction together as a family can be the beginning of a full, connected, and meaningful chapter in your child’s life and the life of your family.

Wishing Your Family Health and Hope,

Dr. Kambiz Aflatoon