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Teen drug addiction. No parent wants to see this happen to their child, but unfortunately, it is all too common. Half of all American teenagers have misused a drug at least once. 

Drugs are being exposed to younger and younger kids. In the last five years, drug use among eighth-graders has increased 61%. 

Most teenagers will probably try something once, twice, or even very casually, and nothing will come of it. Others may start to rely on drugs and get addicted to them. 

If that happens to your child, you may need a drug rehab center for teens. 

For those of you in the Atlanta area, you have options. Here is why this is the best rehab center for teens. 

Small Group Size

This rehab center for teens specializes in the fact that we have a small number of people. The maximum capacity is 20 clients at any one period of time. 

With those 20 clients, the staff has a MAXIMUM ratio of eight clients per licensed clinician. This allows an increased amount of individualized attention on every individual patient in the facility. 

Putting a cap on clients creates an intimate environment where clients can connect to a small group while never being neglected by the clinicians. 

Keeping School a Priority

School is a huge factor in drug teen addiction. Kids who drop out of high school are almost twice as likely to start using illicit drugs. 

During this rehab for teens, their school work will not be shoved to the side. This program has scheduled time during weekdays and has a tutor available for the clients in the teen drug addiction center. 

Staying on track in school will increase your kid’s chance of graduation, continuing onto college, and giving kids structure and purpose to avoid depending on drugs. 

Part of teenage drug rehabilitation is either figuring out or developing a new purpose for clients, and having a path in school is a great start. 

Secluded Location 

The facility is on 54 acres of land near the Appalachian Mountains. This drug rehab center for young adults provides a calming and quiet environment and takes you away from the distractions you might have in the urban or suburban lifestyle. 

A vast amount of open land allows good opportunities for general outdoor exercise plus hiking. This allows clients to get the natural vitamins, morale, and energy boost they need. 

Open outdoor areas can also get the client’s mind to relax and find peace during the transition to sobriety and reduce stress and anxiety, which are both big reasons people turn to drugs. 

A big part of teen drug rehab for young adults is reducing stress whenever possible and giving the clients a comfortable outlet to release some of the negative energy they might be feeling. 

Family Participation 

Part of young adult drug rehab is making sure close family members want the best for their child and ensuring that the family is there to support them. 

Most family activities are scheduled on the weekends, but family participation is highly encouraged. Families are usually the people who are most affected by a teenager suffering from drug addiction. 

A family member may have even been through drug addiction themselves in the past. That can allow them to see the signs of teen drug addiction and decided to take action before it was too late. 

Some ways family members participate include family therapy and family education groups. These can help families understand what their teen is going through, while the teen can get a better idea of how their actions have affected their families. 

This can be a difficult process for families as it requires complete honesty, commitment, and trust within each other. In some cases, the wounds developed in these family relationships because of drug use could be very difficult to overcome. 

But, if done properly, families can provide a safety net of encouragement for teenagers to stay on the right track. 

Focus on Mental Health

When dealing with drug rehab for young adults, it is essential to make sure the client’s mental health is in the right state to complete this big transition. 

The therapy offered focuses on that. One part is connecting to spirituality, which allows clients to develop a relationship with themselves with methods like meditation. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helps clients deal with negative emotions using mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. 

Then, there is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy connects values and helps live a more meaningful life. There are six steps to this, including cognitive defusion, presence, acceptance, self as context, values, and committed action. 

Creating a stronger mindset allows this rehab for young adults to set healthier goals and not rely on drugs to numb negative feelings or create a temporary positive feeling. 

Instead, this therapeutic approach teaches teens how to have a more positive mindset permanently. If done correctly and the teen is committed to the entire process, they can potentially have the positive feelings they were chasing with drugs. 

Consider This Drug Rehab Center for Teens

It is not easy to face the prospect that your teenager may need to go to a rehab center. But, if your child does, then we can provide the most comfortable and individualized transition for them. 

Contact us if you are in the Atlanta area to get the teen drug abuse and addiction treatment that your teenager needs. 

This drug rehab center for teens provides discrete inquiries and has a 24/7 hotline if your call is urgent. That phone number is 706-701-2314.